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ACORN Brighton Reopens Public Toilets, ACORN Oxford Wins Equitable Bussing Campaign

ACORN Brighton had a massive win with their successful ‘Save Our Toilets’ campaign, which reopened over 18 toilets in a public park. ACORN Oxford achieved a big first victory in their campaign for better and more equitable bussing in their city, mirroring the important transit work ACORN is doing in Cambridge.

ACORN Manchester Celebrates ‘Boot the Bailiffs’ Victory and Spreads the Word on Organizing Power

ACORN Manchester capitalized on their major “Boot the Bailiffs” win by using it to spread the word about the power of organizing with  successful organizing campaign. ACORN Leeds continued their fight against Gloriavd HealthCare on behalf of immigrant workers.

ACORN Brighton: Standing Up for Tenant Rights

Tenants Daisy and Ramona found themselves in a challenging situation when their landlord imposed a massive 12% rent increase, exceeding the 5% maximum specified in their contract. Refusing to accept this unjust hike, they confronted the landlord and were shocked to receive a Section 21 “no-fault” eviction notice in response.

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ACORN Birmingham: Rally to Halt Tenant Eviction, Secures Housing Security for Struggling Family

In a powerful display of community support and activism, ACORN Birmingham successfully prevented the eviction of a struggling mother and her ten-year-old daughter in Quinton. The family had faced the threat of eviction due to rent arrears accumulated after a significant rent hike last April.

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ACORN UK : Bristol campaign against ‘bidding wars’ wins!

ACORN Bristol‘s ‘Ban the Bids’ campaign wins as big city letting agent pledges not to engage in ‘bidding wars.’

As reported last month, ACORN’s Bristol branch has been fighting against the practise of ‘bidding wars,’ where landlords and letting agents encourage would be renters to bid against each other over the advertised price. 

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ACORN UK : People power keeps Coventry family in their home

Earlier this week, ACORN Coventry successfully resisted the eviction of our member Mandy and her family.

Their landlord, who owns over 40 properties in Coventry, issued a section 21 ‘no fault’ eviction notice so he can sell up.

Mandy repeatedly asked the landlord to delay the eviction until they could find a new home to rent or the council could provide them one. However, instead he refused to negotiate and chose to try and throw them out of their home, putting them at risk of homelessness.

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ACORN International’s global response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – Mumbai to British Columbia

At the outset of the now-ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, over a dozen chapters, branches, and affiliate organizations of ACORN International issued a global call for the social protection of low-income families and individuals.

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ACORN Leeds updates

In Leeds, ACORN welcomed the newest local group, with the launch of ACORN Armley local group.

Also in Leeds, there were many trainings, stalls, and door knocking sessions through April 2022. Additionally, members spoke at a Social Housing Action Campaign rally, Communication Workers Union conference, and National Education Union conference.

ACORN UK 08/21

The new Aberystwyth Chapter had a very successful direct action ( pictured above) that resulted in the member receiving their deposit back in full! Congratulations to the Aberystwyth Chapter on their victory!

The chapter also spoke to about the tenants’ campaign that led them to found ACORN Aberystwyth, how a few landlords have stitched up the local housing market, and why the local community should join their efforts.<<Listen in Here >> 

The Manchester chapter is looking for a member defense organizer to work in Manchester, focused on recruiting, developing, and supporting members to take action on issues affecting them and the communities they come from. The successful candidate will start work on the 4th of October and will have a focus on organizing direct action housing campaigns and working with women in Manchester.
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Newcastle launched a campaign to save the Apollo Bingo Hall from being turned into more expensive student accommodation. The chapter raised awareness about the campaign through outreach in Durham where they spoke to many local residents and got their thoughts on the proposed demolition of a much-loved bingo hall, as well as getting people to write a comment on how to object to the plans through the council website.

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Oxford: Victory 
Experienced a city-wide VICTORY for their YES TO DSS CAMPAIGN! Yet another demonstration of the power that direct, collective action has to win change for ordinary people in Oxford.

Oxford City Councillors unanimously passed a cross-party motion to stamp out discrimination against renters in receipt of universal credit or other housing benefits.Check out their latest action >>


Weeks after ACORN Brighton members marched on The Property Shop to demand these issues are fixed urgently, nothing has been fixed, and contractors continue to turn up unannounced and get nothing done. They were back, telling the public about the conditions Stephen is happy to let his tenants live in, and dozens of people were up for supporting our campaign

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Birmingham: VICTORY 

Member Yun Fang was living in a council flat riddled with mushrooms and dampness. Her kids’ health was impacted by the conditions and she was upset, distressed, and at the end of her tether when she became a member of Acorn Birmingham. We are thrilled that she has won her demands for repairs, and finally the council has listened and responded! Her kids can enjoy their safe home now.

The chapter also hosted a meet with tenants in Nechells Tower blocks last night who were sick of the conditions they were putting up with. Most of the residents were tenants and customers of Birmingham City Council and the Wates Group. They are dealing with issues like chronic mold, unsanitary communal corridors, smelly rubbish chutes, mice and cockroach infestations, and disturbance from contractors who are working on the windows of the towers.

ACORN Birmingham members were out leafletting today and delivered invites to our resident’s meeting in 290 flats in Nechells.

UK Tenant Victory!

Students win battle with North Oxford Property Services

Tenants in Oxford celebrated a hard-won battle against a local estate agent after a row over a bedroom.

The five Oxford University students sharing a house in Cowley were in dispute with North Oxford Property Services (NOPS), which they rented a nearly £3,000-a-month house from in September.

The students sought the help of tenants’ union Acorn Oxford and, after weeks of negotiations, the estate agents has now agreed to pay Ms Lanceley a £200 compensation.

In a victorious statement on its website the union wrote: “These housemates received a confusing and worrying order from their property management company, to vacate and padlock Aleisha’s bedroom and refused to explain why.

“Luckily they are all ACORN members, and the union put the pressure on NOPS and got the situation resolved in our member’s favour.”