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Latest Updates from ACORN India

  • ACORN India’s Green Warriors, salvaged over three tons of plastic waste from streets
    ACORN India’s Green Warriors, (the women’s waste pickers of Dharavi) salvaged over three tons of plastic waste from streets, and participated in an ACORN workshop focused on their mental and physical health, hosted by Dr Shreya Agrawal.
  • ACORN India and SOSVA are making a difference in Dharavi by educating and providing resources.
    ACORN India and SOSVA continued their important program to provide education and resources about menstruation to teen girls in Dharavi. Since the program began, they have worked with over 600 adolescents, providing three months worth of free sanitary products.
  • ACORN India has been hard at work with many events and campaigns to empower women and children
    The  Empowering Women in WPC Conference held at the YMCA in Mumbai, which addressed the various concerns of women in leadership, and ACORN India and SOSVA held a women waste picker collectives training meeting. Important campaigns in Dharavi continued for youth, including hygiene programs for menstruating young people, art education, and healthy nutrition programs.
  • ACORN India: People’s Commission and Public Enquiry Committee Collaborate with Hawkers Joint Action Committee
    Peoples Commission and Public Enquiry committee and Hawkers Joint Action Committee jointly organized the third public hearing in Delhi. Today’s People’s Commission: Jyoti Laxmi (of Satat Sampad, many years of work with hawkers), Arun Mohan (film maker associated with Media Collective), Dr Seema Mathur (Ambedkarvadi Lekhak Sangh and professor at DU), Dr. Avinash Kumar (former […]
  • ACORN India : Updates from July 2023
    ACORN India representatives spoke at a convention in New Delhi on Contemporary Popular Movements in India. In Dharavi, ACORN India hosted a Women’s Group Discussion Meeting among waste collectors, homemakers, and small unit workers. They also conducted a free Food Safety Training & Certification (FOSTAC) training session in Noida for street food vendors.
  • For ACORN India Black Friday is #MakeAmazonPay day
    On Black Friday, join workers and activists around the world as we mobilize to #MakeAmazonPay. Amazon workers paid for Jeff Bezos to go space. On 26 November, they are demanding justice — and asking you to join them: Amazon could give each of its workers a Covid-19 bonus of $690,000 — and still be […]
  • Voices of Dharavi
    Minal Diwan, an ACORN member in the Dharavi area of Mumbai. She is 27-years old and has been unemployed since the pandemic closed her workplace.  Her 23-year-old brother is also without work.  The entire family is living on the 8000 rupees ($107.85 USD) her father makes.  They have been living in Dharavi all of her life.  Their rent and utilities […]
  • Voices of Dharavi