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Updates from the Field:

  • Cameroon: Access to Drinkable Water for All! Rehabilitating a public drinking and 10 sinks for free in the Bepanda Yonyong Neighborhood in Douala
    For several years, the problem of access to drinking water has arisen acutely in Bepanda Yonyong. After a few brainstorming meetings aimed at finding lasting solutions to this problem, the members of the OnEstEnsemble antenna Bepanda Yonyong Association decided to grab the bull by the horns by calling on the Mayor of the district municipality […]
  • Cameroon: Updates on the Non-Violent Citizens Action:
    This Friday, October 1, 2021, 15 members of the #OnEstEnsemble ( #Wearetogether) association strengthened their efforts on the mechanisms of non-violent citizen action. The 2 modules that furnished this training were in fact: the notion of citizen action and then the notion of Non-violence and the mechanisms underlying this practice in a context of repression […]
  • ⚠️ NEW QUALITY OF LIFE SURVEY ⚠️: Examines NOLA Citizens Attitudes On Major Issues
    SUPPORT IS STRONG FOR $15 WAGE & ENFORCEMENT, BRINGING ENERGY IN LINE, AND IMPROVING GARBAGE COLLECTION AND POLICE PROTECTION Survey Report and Data available on request and will be shared on Zoom conferenceZoom Press Conference: Tuesday, October 5, 2021 1:00 PM for the Zoom link email A post-Ida quality of life poll released today […]
  • 09/23/21 ACORN Canada Occupied the Nova Scotia Legislature to Demand Permanent Rent Control!
    Since winning the temporary 2% rent cap in November 2020 – ACORN has been hearing stories and receiving rent increases from tenants whose landlords intend to raise rents after the cap lifts. Some increases are as high as $2000 extra dollars a month, while most range between $100-500 more. The new PC government has made […]
  • Honduras Mayoral Candidate Interviews
  • ACORN Ireland 08/21
     CATU Cabra met with new branch members and with their neighbors in the Stonybatter/Grangegorman branch. They did outreach on the NCR knocking on doors and spoke to lots of future members! <<Read more here >> CATU Maynooth was also doing outreach in their community! << See more pictures of the event here >>
  • ACORN France08/21
    The Citizen Alliance’s Hijabi s’ Union is taking action at the  FFF-Fédération Française de Football to fight for for Muslim women wearing scarves. right to play official competition matches wearing sports hijabs.
  • ACORN UK 08/21
    The new Aberystwyth Chapter had a very successful direct action ( pictured above) that resulted in the member receiving their deposit back in full! Congratulations to the Aberystwyth Chapter on their victory! The chapter also spoke to about the tenants’ campaign that led them to found ACORN Aberystwyth, how a few landlords have stitched up the local […]
  • ACORN Canada 08/21
    Toronto ACORN members had a great Internet for All rally on Tuesday, July 6th at 11 am at City Hall, demanding the City to make connections to community-owned, community-controlled, and $10 internet for all low and moderate-income people. << Read More Here >> ACORN Vanier Rallies to save homes from N13 Demoviction! << Read More Here >> ACORN Montreal meat […]

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