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ACORN Manchester Celebrates ‘Boot the Bailiffs’ Victory and Spreads the Word on Organizing Power

ACORN Manchester capitalized on their major “Boot the Bailiffs” win by using it to spread the word about the power of organizing with  successful organizing campaign. ACORN Leeds continued their fight against Gloriavd HealthCare on behalf of immigrant workers.

Huddersfield family of five kept safe from eviction!

ACORN’s Huddersfield group is set to officially launch following a successful fight to keep a family in their home. This summer, ACORN members in Huddersfield prevented the eviction of a newborn baby and her family from eviction! Alex and Jenny were expecting their third daughter, when they were served a Section 21 ‘No-Fault Eviction’ the same week their baby was due!Prior to that, they had made numerous complaints to their estate agents about faulty electrics, leaks, lack of heating and widespread damp, which lead their eldest to become hospitalised with asthma for a week!

Their repairs were not resolved, and shortly after a Kirklees Council report was submitted, Alex and Jenny were informed the landlord would be selling the house.A dozen Huddersfield residents, of all ages, marched down to Alex and Jenny’s agents to demand an extension to their tenancy, while 5-day old baby was settling in, and the most urgent of repairs seen to!In the 3 months of sustained action, the landlord sorted the most critical repairs, agreed to let them stay, and even attempted to increase their rent by 15% – which was quickly prevented! Eventually, Alex and Jenny managed to find a new home for their family, and left with their full deposit returned, totalling £714 won back.

To learn how we can fight for a better deal for ordinary people in Huddersfield, come along to our official launch event on Saturday, 14th October. RSVP here.

ACORN Birmingham: Defending Residents Facing Unjust Evictions

Last month, our affiliates at ACORN Birmingham demonstrated solidarity as we stood alongside our two members, Hetal and Tejas. They currently reside in a city center building and have recently received Section 21 ‘no fault’ eviction notices. Subsequently, it was revealed that the entire building was slated for sale, necessitating the eviction of all tenants in the process.

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ACORN Brighton: Standing Up for Tenant Rights

Tenants Daisy and Ramona found themselves in a challenging situation when their landlord imposed a massive 12% rent increase, exceeding the 5% maximum specified in their contract. Refusing to accept this unjust hike, they confronted the landlord and were shocked to receive a Section 21 “no-fault” eviction notice in response.

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ACORN Birmingham: Rally to Halt Tenant Eviction, Secures Housing Security for Struggling Family

In a powerful display of community support and activism, ACORN Birmingham successfully prevented the eviction of a struggling mother and her ten-year-old daughter in Quinton. The family had faced the threat of eviction due to rent arrears accumulated after a significant rent hike last April.

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ACORN the Union: Sports centre cost of living win for Bristol community

Like so many of us at the moment, residents of Lockleaze in Bristol are struggling with the cost of living, physical and mental health, and lack of youth services locally – areas in which sport and leisure can have a positive impact.

Back in May, ACORN’s Lockleaze group met with Lockleaze Sports Centre to discuss the services provided, and how the charity should have more affordable offers for local people. 

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ACORN International’s global response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – Mumbai to British Columbia

At the outset of the now-ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, over a dozen chapters, branches, and affiliate organizations of ACORN International issued a global call for the social protection of low-income families and individuals.

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ACORN Leeds updates

In Leeds, ACORN welcomed the newest local group, with the launch of ACORN Armley local group.

Also in Leeds, there were many trainings, stalls, and door knocking sessions through April 2022. Additionally, members spoke at a Social Housing Action Campaign rally, Communication Workers Union conference, and National Education Union conference.

Swindon ACORN continue fight for Oasis virtually with a day of Twitter action

From Swindon Advertiser:

Campaigners have held a virtual day of action to express their desire to save the Oasis and bring it back into public ownership.

The Swindon branch of the community union ACORN has held the latest in a series of public events online last Saturday.

Photos of supporters with ‘Save the Oasis’ signs were tweeted to Swindon Borough Council, Seven Capital and members of the Oasis Task Force.

Member Jon Timbrell said: “It would be an absolute tragedy to lose the Oasis and that’s why we’re going to do everything we can to keep it.

“ACORN is not here to just protest or signal our discontent that it’s closing down. We’re here to fight to keep it open.

“We’re serious about keeping it open and about organising a community to win this fight,” he added.

ACORN UK No Evictions! Day of Action

On August 22, 2020, ACORN chapters across the United Kingdom held a No Evictions! Day of Action.


Hundreds of ACORN members took action in 17 towns & cities across England & Wales saying no to rent debt, eviction & homelessness during the pandemic.

Members held socially distanced actions outside of courts where eviction proceedings will be heard, visited the offices of landlords and letting agents to deliver ‘notices of eviction resistance’ to let them know that we won’t stand for immoral COVID evictions, and held outdoor Community Protection Training sessions! ACORN demands that the 1 month eviction ban extension announced last week is followed by serious legislation to protect renters from homelessness and rent debt in the fall out of COVID-19.

We need rent debt accrued as a result of COVID wiped and an immediate end to Section 21 ‘no fault’ evictions.Over the last couple of months hundreds of people have attended Community Protection Training sessions meaning whenever evictions restart, ACORN members will be ready to resist them.

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