What We Believe

What We Believe

Inequality and social problems are about power: who has power and who it’s used to benefit. The only way for meaningful change is to counter the power of money and politics with the power of people taking collective action. 

Every day we hear the issues facing our communities: rising housing costs, unemployment, stagnant wages, and cuts that have starved our public services. Wealth is being transferred upwards, and the only solution is for people to get organized and win it back.

We power society and keep it going. We are entitled to exercise power in that society and to receive our fair share of what we produce. Nurses, store workers, delivery drivers, caregivers, parents: we raise the young, support the elderly, and produce the world’s wealth. 

When we say “taking what’s ours,” this is what we mean. Taking back the value that we produce and the benefits we deserve.