ACORN History

ACORN History

ACORN History: a 3-Part Interview with ACORN Founder Wade Rathke

From The Organizer, a documentary about the history of ACORN:

June 18th, 1970 marks the informal date of ACORN’s birth. It was on that date that Wade Rathke drove into Little Rock on a mission to create a new organization that would attempt to organize a multi-racial ‘majority constituency’ of low and moderate-income Americans into a single umbrella organization. Over the coming decades ACORN would grow into the biggest and most effective community organization in the United States.

This first excerpt retells the founding of ACORN and its first campaigns and organizational experiences.
From the ACORN archives – A promotional video made in December 1974 highlighting the first four years of ACORN’s work in Arkansas.
An interview with Gloria Wilson, the first ACORN member signed up by Wade Rathke in 1970. The interview was conducted in 1990.
ACORN 50th Anniversary Toast with Staff from Around the World ACORN 50th Anniversary Celebration with ACORN Canada Leaders
Courtesy of Reuben Atlas / Sam Pollard
Courtesy of Reuben Atlas / Sam Pollard

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