Recent Wins

January 22nd, 2024

Hamilton, Canada

ACORN Hamilton had a MAJOR win in January, when the city became the first in Ontario to pass a bylaw to restrict renoviction!

January 8th, 2024

Manchester, UK

ACORN Manchester capitalized on their major “Boot the Bailiffs” win with a successful organizing campaign

January 19th, 2024

Glasgow, Scotland

Living Rent Glasgow had a major victory when they successfully resisted an unjust eviction for a family who needed wheelchair access.

December 20th, 2023

Dharavi, India

ACORN India and SOSVA continued their important program to provide education and resources about menstruation to teen girls.

December 13th, 2023

Toronto, Canada

Peel ACORN released a report highlighting the problem tenants across the city are facing in getting repairs done. It highlighted a huge lack of awareness among tenants about how the MARC program works. Peel ACORN leaders deputed at the city council meeting as the motion for the changes to the (MARC) Program and succeeded

November 30th, 2023

Tegucigalpa, Honduras

ACORN Honduras processed many valuable donations that supported their work to provide free school snacks and the defense of children\'s rights

February 13th, 2024

Scotland, Glasgow

Living Rent Glasgow organized to protect the housing of asylum-seekers in Scotland, who have been the target of wide-spread unjust evictions with nowhere else to go.

December 2nd, 2023

New Orleans, United States

After months of pressure on local public transportation leadership about Local 100 labor union\'s administrative members\' unfair pay scales, this week RTA announced significant raises for our administrative members. We\'re especially proud of winning backdated 26% raises for our accountants,

November 20th, 2023


ACORN Nigeria launched a vital campaign to raise money for their “Acorn Foundation for the Poor” including education and public health programs. This funding will help them start 2024 strong.

October 30th, 2023

Edinburgh, Scotland

Members started a campaign to push for the tourist tax, estimated potential to generate £37 million annually, to fund social housing.

November 15th, 2023

Dharavi, India

ACORN India and SOSVA have partnered to start the Dharavi School Music Project in five schools in Dharavi, which serves 200 students. This project looks to empower the students with a form of expression, a livelihood path, and an engaging fun outlet through musical training.