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Updates from the Field:

  • Voter Purge Project Update: VPP Featured in WIRED Magazine
    WIRED Magazine recently featured the Voter Purge Project, a project of ACORN International in partnership with the Ohio Voter Project and Labor Neighbor, in its September 2020 issue. One IT Guy’s Spreadsheet-Fueled Race to Restore Voting Rights details the work of Voter Purge Project to protect eligible voters against disenfranchisement by monitoring, reporting on, and […]
  • The post-pandemic future: Affordable Internet will become a universal human right
    Alejandra Ruiz Vargas, national leadership representative for ACORN Canada, says that internet will become a universal human right in a post-pandemic world. “People need connectivity for practical reasons, like finding jobs, getting government benefits and doing homework, as well as accessing entertainment and keeping in touch with loved ones,” she writes. “In 2016, the United […]
  • ACORN UK No Evictions! Day of Action
    On August 22, 2020, ACORN chapters across the United Kingdom held a No Evictions! Day of Action. From ACORN UK: Hundreds of ACORN members took action in 17 towns & cities across England & Wales saying no to rent debt, eviction and homelessness during the pandemic.
  • Supporting Tenants of Wiseview Montreal
    ACORN Quebec was there! In front of the media to defend the tenants of Jean Brillon street tenants against their outbreak problems. Cockroaches, mice, bed bugs. It’s time for this to stop! Today’s action against the company Wiseview Montreal which does nothing against its infected housing has made some noise. Support the movement.
  • Impacts of the Covid-19 Crisis on ACORN Members Around the World
    Global social protection in times of global crisis We low-income families are living in the popular areas of Douala, Toronto, Mumbai, Paris, Lima, Manchester, Tunis, New Orleans and Edinburg are victims of the health crisis. We lost our job, we lost much of our income. Yet we still have to pay our rent, our electricity […]
  • This Hyderabad singer has started a music revolution in Mumbai’s Dharavi slums. Here’s how
    Written by Seema Rajpal June 23rd, 2020 from Edex Live Hyderabad-based Gomathi Iyer is doing some unforgettable covers on Instagram and before the lockdown, was helping girls in one of the largest slums in the world, Dharavi in Mumbai learn to sing.
  • How Asia’s biggest slum contained the coronavirus
    Soutik Biswas June 23rd, 2020 from BBC News In one of the world’s most congested shanty towns, social distancing is not a luxury people can afford. And density is a friend of the coronavirus. Imagine more than 500,000 people spread over 2.5 grubby sq km, less than a square mile. That’s a population larger than […]
  • PM SVANidhi: Will it be a non-starter?
    by Dharmendra Kumar — June 24, 2020 from Counter Currents It is said that COVID does not differentiate. Yet, people on the margin have been differently impacted by COVID. Street vendors are one such vulnerable group. With lockdown, streets wore a deserted look. Street livelihood vanished all of a sudden. Street vendors, generally outlawed and […]
  • Statement from A Community Voice / ACORN International / Local 100 United Labor Unions on the Ongoing Protests and Killing of George Floyd by Police in Minneapolis
    Our hearts fill and bleed watching the police suffocate George Floyd as all of us bear witness. We are there, too, unless we act! We are full of grief for his family and our people, we send prayers, with fists raised and a never-ending commitment to fight for change that will end the United States […]
  • Join a Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of ACORN
    50th anniversary flyer Zoom Link to 50th Anniversary Celebration

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