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Updates from the Field:

  • ACORN Canada: ‘Rally for Herongate’ challenges local property development
    Timbercreek (also called Hazelview), a well-known property developer in Ottawa, has applied for an Official Plan Amendment (OPA) with the city’s government, proposing to redevelop the Herongate area for the next 20 years. That’s right: two-zero. As in, two decades of one company having free reign over an area’s development. ACORN Ottawa sprang into action by […]
  • ACORN India: Dharavi Rocks releases new music video, “Vaada Karo”
    ACORN India affiliate Dharavi Rocks, located in Mumbai, has recently released a new song with singer Suneeta Rao and musician Dhruv Ghanekar. The new song was inspired by a study which linked climate change to a rising risk of pandemics, particularly in vulnerable communities. The song is an appeal to take care of our planet […]
  • ACORN India: Vaccines and PPE distribution as COVID Relief efforts continue
    ACORN India organizers prepare to distribute rations to communities affected by COVID-19 From providing resources like reliable taxi services to quarantine isolation centers, to handing out food rations and speaking out against police malpractice, ACORN India has been hard at work as organizers mobilized quickly as the COVID crisis worsened within the country. Dharmendra Kumar, […]
  • ACORN India: Food donations to vendors continues
    As India grapples with the latest surge in COVID-19 cases, ACORN India members and affiliates have stepped in to provide resources to local communities in need. In Bengaluru, organizers helped distribute food kits to approximately 100 vendors, many of whom are out of work due to the pandemic. These kits include kitchen staples and dry […]
  • ACORN Scotland: Elections, Evictions, and May Day Celebrations
    Living Rent, ACORN International’s branch in Scotland, has been hard at work recently defending members against landlords, protesting forced evictions, and speaking out against injustices in their local communities. Here’s what they’ve been up to lately: EVICTIONS Living Rent continues their ongoing campaign against evictions, with members being featured in the media in their fight […]
  • ACORN India: Speaking out against police misconduct during COVID lockdown
    As the newest wave of COVID continues to affect communities throughout India, ACORN India members are speaking out against police misconduct, which is disproportionally affecting vulnerable communities. ACORN India was recently featured in one of the country’s most popular newspapers. Dharmendra Kumar, of the ACORN India affiliate and nonprofit Janhapal, spoke about the circumstances of […]
  • ACORN India Delhi: Organizers ramp up support for communities amid COVID wave
    As India remains gripped in the latest coronavirus upsurge, members of ACORN India have stepped in around the country to provide food supplies, resources, and quarantine support. In Delhi, contract workers were recently granted two months of food rations after a push from nonprofit groups like ACORN India to provide resources for informal workers and […]
  • ACORN Canada: Big Win on Predatory Loan Campaign
    One of ACORN Canada’s long-standing and hard-fought campaigns against predatory lending got a huge boost recently upon the release of the 2021 Budget. The government has agreed to a consultation on the lowering of the federal interest rate, which has the potential to lower the NSF fee attached to predatory lending. To find out more […]
  • ACORN India: Informal workers seek support as Delhi prepares for another lockdown
    As New Delhi prepares for another lockdown, street vendors and informal works are often the ones who pay the highest price. Dharmendra Kumar, member of the Delhi chapter of Hawkers’ Joint Action Committee, an ACORN affiliate, recently spoke about the lack of adequate medical supplies: This shortage is across the city and predictably the marginalised […]
  • ACORN Scotland: Maryhill campaigners ‘occupying’ land in response to sale dispute with Glasgow City Council
    From Glasgow Live: Community activists are currently occupying land in Maryhill earmarked for sale by Glasgow City Council. The derelict land on Collina Street, known locally as ‘The Valley’, was used as the main location in Still Game but has now become the centre of an ongoing dispute. Campaigners have set up a wooden hut with one volunteer […]

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