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Alliance Citoyenne Demands Transparency in Chemical Use After Contaminants Found in Les Mées Residents

Alliance Citoyenne is negotiating talks with agro-industrial farms surrounding the community of Les Mées, after chemical contaminants were found in the hair of local residents. While initial talks with farm managers have been successful, ACORN is pushing further, asking for full access to the registries to see exactly what chemicals are being used.

Cheers to The OnEstEnsemble Citizen Alliance Safe Water Victory

The OnEstEnsemble Citizen Alliance had an incredible win in January! After several years without easy access to safe drinking water, construction has begun to connect the residents of Douala to the drinking water network!

Alliance Citoyenne, Grenoble: Residents of Géants Square Join Forces to Demand Better Services

In a proactive move, the Committee of Géants has taken steps to assert its concerns. On Tuesday morning, a group of residents from the Géants Square decided to pay a visit to the local office of their social housing provider, Actis. Their purpose: to hand-deliver a letter to the responsible party, reminding the housing provider of its responsibilities in light of the consistently poor quality of services in the area .

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Alliance Citoyenne: Séverine and Other Tenants Find Support in their Fight against Negligent Landlords and Energy-Inefficient Housing

Séverine Perillat, a member of the housing tenants’ union for energy-inefficient housing, and Cécile Luthereau, head of advocacy, met with Pierre Verri, the Vice President responsible for air quality, energy, and climate, and Nicolas Beron-Perez, the Vice President responsible for housing in the metropolis, at the end of June.

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Alliance Citoyenne: Residents of the Durance Valley create their eco-union

On May 5th, nearly 70 residents of the middle Durance Valley territory in Alpes Haute Provence gathered in Oraison to officially establish the eco-union “Riverains Ensemble Durance.”

Dona Sayi, a resident of Les Mées, fears for her and her family’s health: “I moved to Dabisse in 2019, and my house is just a few meters away from apple trees. I am concerned about the potential impact of intensive pesticide spraying on my health and, most importantly, on the health of my two children.”

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Alliance Citoyenne : Tenants Mobilize to Fight Back Against Aubervilliers Public Housing Office (OPH)

Rising expenses and rents, elevator breakdowns, and disregard for their concerns… Tenants of the OPH in Aubervilliers, France continue to rally against the abuses of their landlord. Several neighborhood meetings have taken place at Hélène Cochennec, La Maladrerie, and Emile Dubois. Everywhere, the message is the same: “We’ve had enough, it’s time to take action.”

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Alliance Citoyenne’s Les Hijabeuse : Fight Against the French Football Federation’s Ban on Hijabs

Our affiliate, Alliance Citoyenne’s collective Les Hijabeuses, lodged an appeal in November 2021 challenging the French Football Federation’s prohibition on players wearing the hijab.

Amidst this ongoing battle, regardless of the final judgment from the Council of State, what we have accomplished is HISTORICAL. Women, the very individuals most affected, athletes, and activists, stood up against a powerful institution like the FFF. We have refused to stay silent, unapologetically embracing our identities and reclaiming our rights.

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ACORN International’s global response to the COVID-19 Pandemic – Mumbai to British Columbia

At the outset of the now-ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, over a dozen chapters, branches, and affiliate organizations of ACORN International issued a global call for the social protection of low-income families and individuals.

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ACORN and Alliance Citoyenne Win the Debate

Grenoble approves wearing the burkini in public swimming pools

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IN THE NEWS: Victory of the Hijabeuses

The New York Times

April 18, 2022

The Female Soccer Players Challenging France’s Hijab Ban By Constant Méheut

Photographs by Monique Jaques