El Comita was founded in 2018, organizing neighborhoods in Ariana (Mnihla) and Sidi Hassine (Hay Al Fath) around Tunis. The organization gathers now about 150 members and 2100 supporters in 5 neighborhoods (Mnihla-Republic, Intileka, Sidi Hassine-Al Fath ans 20 March, and Zarhouni-Essalama) and is expending in 2 new neighborhoods (Al Jayara and 25 July).

Our presence in these communities has enable community members to identify primary injustices and priority targets.

People decided in the first popular assemblies to fight for better waste management in Mnihla, speed bumps and traffic signs around schools in Al Kram, more cultural and leisure spaces in Sidi Hassine. El Comita organized members to better know their rights and to take non-violent action to defend their collective interests.

Some others campaigns: disinsectisation and mosquito control in Fath, improving and fixing roads and pipes in Zarhouni, controlling roaming dogs in Mnihla, creating a public market in 20 March. Follow us on https://www.facebook.com/ElComitaAQP/

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