Day: May 20, 2024

ACORN Honduras’ April Initiatives: Fostering Collaboration and Growth

In April, ACORN Honduras hosted numerous meeting sessions for their members, alongside training and planning sessions with partner organizations. Their efforts focused on fostering collaboration and growth within the community.

ACORN Peru’s April Efforts: Supporting Mothers and Empowering Members

In April, ACORN Peru was hard at work collecting and distributing food baskets for Mother’s Day, while also organizing multiple training sessions for their members. Their dedication to supporting the community and empowering individuals is truly inspiring.

Living Rent’s April Wins: Standing Together for Member Rights

Living Rent had several wins for their members in April, including for new Living Rent Castlemilk members Hiwa and Kharman, who have spent two years in a substandard apartment, including no boiler, a collapsed ceiling, black mould, and a landlord unwilling to address any of it. Living Rent sprang into action, and immediately got the boiler fixed, and are pressuring the landlord to fix the ceiling and address the mould. When we stand together, we win!

A Community Voice Champions Lead Testing in New Orleans

A Community Voice advocated for increased lead testing in the water and soil in New Orleans, a public health issue that continues to disproportionately affect our POC population, the working class, and children.

ACORN Brighton Reopens Public Toilets, ACORN Oxford Wins Equitable Bussing Campaign

ACORN Brighton had a massive win with their successful ‘Save Our Toilets’ campaign, which reopened over 18 toilets in a public park. ACORN Oxford achieved a big first victory in their campaign for better and more equitable bussing in their city, mirroring the important transit work ACORN is doing in Cambridge.

ACORN India Advocates for Dharavi Residents Amid Major Redevelopment Plans

ACORN India spent April amplifying the voices of the residents of the Dharavi housing camp, home of over one million people. As the government and businesses negotiates major re-development plans for the camp, ACORN Dharavi has been advocating for clarity and accountability in the project to ensure the people are heard. The Green Warrior Women continue their waste-picking work, promoting awareness for women’s rights where it’s needed most.

Toronto ACORN Secures Unanimous Council Vote for Stronger Inspection Bylaw, Ensuring Healthy Homes for Renters

Big win for Toronto ACORN when members won a unanimous council vote to beef up an inspection bylaw that ensures healthy homes for renters- ensuring it will be adequately enforced to protect residents.  ACORN Canada members gathered outside of city hall in Ottawa to launch the Roadmap to ‘Save Affordable Housing’ platform, pressuring council members to vote YES on a Renoviction Bylaw that would protect renters.

ACORN Kenya Advocates for School Nutrition

ACORN Kenya continued their important work advocating for nutrition in schools in Korogocho, despite dealing with complex government red tape, as well as deadly floods in the region.

Alliance Citoyenne Demands Transparency in Chemical Use After Contaminants Found in Les Mées Residents

Alliance Citoyenne is negotiating talks with agro-industrial farms surrounding the community of Les Mées, after chemical contaminants were found in the hair of local residents. While initial talks with farm managers have been successful, ACORN is pushing further, asking for full access to the registries to see exactly what chemicals are being used.