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CATU Ireland: What Is Wrong With Putting Your Own People First In Your Own Country?

It is a pretty reasonable statement to make in the context of a housing
shortage, but we need to discuss what is wrong with it.

I have been involved in tenant organizations in Ireland since 2017. The main work I have done is knocking at people’s doors and asking how their housing situation is and what they think we could do together to change it. Being Brazilian and a woman I rarely get racist or sexist statements at the doors, which could be anticipated.

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Living Rent Glasgow: Rent Hike Reduced – Tenants Secure Housing Security

Angus, a member of Living Rent Glasgow, faced an alarming situation when his flatmate moved out, and the letting agent informed him of a staggering rent increase. Angus was told that his monthly rent of £750 would shoot up to £995, an exorbitant increase of over 30%. The ultimatum was clear – agree to the hike or be forced to move out. In joint tenancies like Angus’, when one person leaves, it initiates a new tenancy, providing landlords with the opportunity to raise the rent significantly.

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CATU Ireland: CATU Stands In Solidarity With Migrants And Racialised People

“It is not a housing crisis, it is an economic project to which we do not belong – we, the low-income workers, social welfare recipients, single people, single parents, the elderly, those with a disability, LGBTQIA+, ethnic minorities such as the Irish Travellers*, migrants and refugees.”

We condemn all racism and stand in solidarity with migrants and racialised people

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CATU Ireland : Belgian IPAs And Tenant Unions – CATU Report

‘Why does CATU not allow landlords to join? Isn’t it more difficult having that division and being separated, as opposed to working together?’ asked an attendee at a CATU presentation in Brussels the last weekend of November. The three of us had prepared for exploring the unions history and exchanging experiences and challenges – I don’t think we were ready to explain CATU’s understanding of class politics, power dynamics and capitalism within the last 10 minutes of the lecture. That’s another hour long session. 

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ACORN Ireland 08/21

 CATU Cabra met with new branch members and with their neighbors in the Stonybatter/Grangegorman branch. They did outreach on the NCR knocking on doors and spoke to lots of future members!

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CATU Maynooth was also doing outreach in their community!

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ACORN convenes first global Zoom call during COVID-19 pandemic

ACORN International board members, supported by their staff, convened in a first global Zoom call today. ACORN leaders from 15 countries and 20 affiliates joined the call and participated using translators and translation software.

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