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ACORN Tegucigalpa: LAS PALMAS Children’s Dining Hall – A Commitment to Free School Snacks and Healthy Nutrition in Honduras

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ACORN Tegucigalpa: A Political Advocacy Workshop for Change

In the framework of the Children’s Rights Council of the Municipio del Distrito Central, children and young people are learning about the steps of political advocacy and the community’s right to make demands to state institutions. A Political Advocacy Workshop is being developed with the goal of equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for political causes.


Honduras Mayoral Candidate Interviews

Interviews by ACORN Honduras with candidates for mayor of Tegucigalpa, the Honduran capital

ACORN convenes first global Zoom call during COVID-19 pandemic

ACORN International board members, supported by their staff, convened in a first global Zoom call today. ACORN leaders from 15 countries and 20 affiliates joined the call and participated using translators and translation software.

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Photos: ACORN Honduras Responds to COVID

ACORN Honduras: Update on Covid-19

MAPAS: Presencia del Covid en SPS ya alcanza a 119 barrios y colonias

Covid Maps in San Pedro Sula