ACORN Peru on the Frontlines of COVID-19

ACORN Peru on the Frontlines of COVID-19

Report from Orfa Camacho Guillinta, ACORN Peru.

In Peru, the Government decreed a Health Emergency on March 14th. We have 46 days in a state of emergency, with an order of social isolation.

Some regions of Peru and districts of Lima did not comply with the isolation and social distancing. As of April 30, there are officially 36,976 confirmed cases of COVID 19 and 1,051 dead.

The deficient National Health system and informal labor with low capacity to save led people from extreme poverty districts to continue going out to work for daily sustenance, regardless of health.

At this time, the health services of public hospitals have collapsed, there are no more oxygen points or hospital beds.

Health personnel infected with COVID -19 for lack of Personal Protective Equipment.

We are currently going through a serious crisis in public and economic health.

  • In San Juan de Lurigancho, the largest district in Peru and with the largest population, it is the district with the most Confirmed cases of COVID 19 .
  • The SJL population is one with a high level of vulnerability, since they work informally, they do not have savings to face social isolation.
  • They are on the streets like any other day, people do not take into account that they can get it, the concern is day by day, to generate to feed their families.
  • According to surveys They prefer to DIE FROM COVID THAN TO DIE FROM HUNGER
  • Education, virtual and remote education is being applied and the students are being affected, because it does not have the resources to access the Internet or devices such as computers or cell phones, such as ACORN Peru, we have managed webcam cameras, in order to reach to more students, since many are leaving to study.
  • Economy, We carry out virtual actions with other organizations “CACEROLAZO” in favor of those who need it most, for THE UNIVERSAL BONUS, of 1000 soles, got 760 soles, which does not have a job.
  • Health, As a nurse I have to be very close and care for people with COVID 19. These actions allow me to see and fight against the invisible enemy called CORONAVIRUS; It also allows me to educate the population and become aware of this pandemic.