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ACORN Territorio Operation with Ruptura

Office where we are working, complete with ACORN flag.





Field Director for Ruptura, Valentina Ramia, (left) and the leading Ruptura candidate in Quito Norte, Maria Paula Roma

Discussing the field program which we call, puerta a puerta y calle (door to door and street) for building contacts for Ruptura and ACORN.

Pictures of representatives from cities around Ecuador considering the program.  Four decided to move forward yesterday.



Maria Paula Valentina and Marcos Gomez (ACORN Canada) present how the field program works, what the weekly schedule is, maps . . .



ACORN International Begins Training Organizers in Quito, Ecuador

ACORN International has partnered with Ruptura25 to train organizers.  Here are the first pictures of organizer trainings by ACORN International Chief Organizer Wade Rathke and Valentina Ramia of Ruptura25.  These organizers will be working in the Quito Norte barrios.