Living Rent, Edinburgh: Empty Homes Action Sucess

Living Rent, Edinburgh: Empty Homes Action Sucess

FIVE THOUSAND people in temporary accommodation!

ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED council properties lying empty in Edinburgh.

SIX HUNDRED of these vacant properties are concentrated within the Lochend/Craigentinny/Restalrig community itself.

Recently, our affiliates at Living Rent Edinburgh organized an assembly outside the City Chambers. During this gathering, a dedicated member of ours presented a deputation at a Housing committee meeting.

As a result of these efforts, a productive meeting was secured with Derek McGowan, the Head of Housing, Homelessness, and Fair Work at the council. Our collective demand is clear: The Council must repurpose their 1,500 vacant properties into high-quality, permanent social homes. It’s time to terminate the practice of outsourcing this responsibility to profit-driven private entities that lack accountability and disregard people’s needs.

Despite being well-aware of the prevailing housing shortage, the council persists in holding onto these dormant homes. What they consider mere “void” properties are, in reality, potential homes for those in need. EMPTY HOUSES? No more excuses!