Day: August 15, 2023

Alliance Citoyenne, Grenoble: Residents of Géants Square Join Forces to Demand Better Services

In a proactive move, the Committee of Géants has taken steps to assert its concerns. On Tuesday morning, a group of residents from the Géants Square decided to pay a visit to the local office of their social housing provider, Actis. Their purpose: to hand-deliver a letter to the responsible party, reminding the housing provider of its responsibilities in light of the consistently poor quality of services in the area .

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Living Rent, Edinburgh: Empty Homes Action Sucess

FIVE THOUSAND people in temporary accommodation!

ONE THOUSAND FIVE HUNDRED council properties lying empty in Edinburgh.

SIX HUNDRED of these vacant properties are concentrated within the Lochend/Craigentinny/Restalrig community itself.

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ACORN Birmingham: Defending Residents Facing Unjust Evictions

Last month, our affiliates at ACORN Birmingham demonstrated solidarity as we stood alongside our two members, Hetal and Tejas. They currently reside in a city center building and have recently received Section 21 ‘no fault’ eviction notices. Subsequently, it was revealed that the entire building was slated for sale, necessitating the eviction of all tenants in the process.

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Living Rent, Scotland: Statement on Climate change

We recognise the urgency and legitimacy of climate change, and the importance of human action and systemic change in building a sustainable future. As a union, we commit to fight for the provision of high quality, green and affordable housing for all and to fight for climate justice across our campaigns. 

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OnEstEnsemble, Cameroon: Members of the Environmental Collective of Sosucam Residents Secure Commitments from the Director-General Following Citizen Action

Residents living near the sugarcane plantations of the Somdiaa group, a subsidiary of the French giant Castel, fell victim to the destruction of their crops during the month of May 2023. In response to this incident, and despite a written communication, there was no substantial reaction observed from Sosucam.

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OnEstEnsemble, Cameroon: Securing the Sidewalks of Republic Boulevard in Bepanda Bonewonda

Following a call from the local branch Onestensemble Bepanda Bonewonda in July 2023, the Mayor of the city swiftly responded to concerns about the large open drains that pose a real danger to pedestrian safety along Republic Boulevard.

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