New Report from Buenos Aires

New Report from Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, May 2nd, 2011

Report: April- ACORN Argentina

Person in Charge: Yadira Micolta Victoria


The month of April was very successful for ACORN Argentina. The group of people we have been working with has strengthened day by day, and even some women of the community that were not very interested at first are now an important part of the group.

We had the opportunity to attend the 3rd meeting of NGOs in Buenos Aires. There, we met many organizations that work with the community and we built ties with NGOs that can benefit ACORN Argentina members. One of these NGOs is Club de Cine infantil La Linterna Mágica de Buenos Aires, who give children from low income families the opportunity to watch educational films. La Linterna Magica has offered the chance for 20 children of ACORN Argentina members to attend their films all year long; this is a great joy for us as it would be the first time for these children to ever go to the cinema.

We have also got in touch with Organización Árboles Sin Frontera, with which we might be able to set a community garden that would benefit the members of the community.

Another important achievement has been the beginning of the English workshop. Emma, a volunteer from the United States taught the first class. The bad weather, however, has not allowed us to carry the classes regularly. Ali Schwach and Jessi, both from the United States, helped out with Club ACORN as well.

Finally, our members Mónica, Verónica, María, Alberto, Dennis and some others have helped in the building of our Centro Cultural. With lots of effort we have started it with the hope that we will make it. We believe we won’t only get more people to sign up and become members of the organization but we will also give joy to the children and youth of Barrio Dorrego en Gonzalez Catán, La Matanza.

This month we will continue building, and we will go to schools where we will talk about the ‘eco-ladrillo’ project so as to engage more children and their parents. We wish to do fundraising among various embassies, and we will try to keep on making ties with other organizations.