ACORN the Union: Sports centre cost of living win for Bristol community

ACORN the Union: Sports centre cost of living win for Bristol community

Like so many of us at the moment, residents of Lockleaze in Bristol are struggling with the cost of living, physical and mental health, and lack of youth services locally – areas in which sport and leisure can have a positive impact.

Back in May, ACORN’s Lockleaze group met with Lockleaze Sports Centre to discuss the services provided, and how the charity should have more affordable offers for local people. 

Speaking to Bristol Live, local resident Terry, said “The centre should be something for local people, who shouldn’t be priced out of using their local facilities. And opportunities need to be better publicised – lots of people aren’t even aware it exists, and what’s going on.” 

Alexandra, an ACORN Lockleaze member added, “I have witnessed and heard tales of burnt out or vandalised cars, muggings, assaults and unwanted graffiti. Providing young people with engaging activities would potentially limit nuisance behaviour by giving them somewhere safe, consistent and engaging to spend some of their extra time.” 

At the meeting, three of us spoke with them whilst other members attended to show support outside. It was a productive meeting, and at our press conference that followed, we were pleased to be able to announce the following offers from the Sport Centre following the campaign:

  •  A local discount of 30% on room hire
  •  2x weekly free use of a quarter-size pitch
  •  Once or twice yearly use of the centre free of charge for any well-organised ‘community day’
  •  More publicity for activities, on the website and in newsletters

As Lockleaze member Ewan told the room, “This is a fantastic result which we’ve achieved thanks to the efforts of group members. Everyone who has come to an action, a meeting, or helped by supporting as a member, should feel really proud of this win for the local community!”