Health Camp and Building Informal Workers Union

Health Camp and Building Informal Workers Union

Bengaluru (Bangalore):  As a way to reach informal workers we are organizing into a union, ACORN organizer Suresh Kadashan set up a “health camp” in the construction workers squatting settlement on disputed land between a private holder and the railway. A doctor volunteered and provided health screenings for diabetes, heart, and blood pressure and then out of his pocket provided some simple medicines, the diabetes strips, and referrals if needed to area hospitals. Over 4 or 5 hours we provided 99 screenings without the doctor and his equally volunteering nurse taking a break.  37 of the 99 tested positive for diabetes across all age groups, which was startling. The culprit seems to be diet and the fact that most the cooking oils are not refined making them amazingly dangerous.


Settlement where workers live is more strongly built by the informal construction workers we organize. 




Pitching the tent for the health camp depends on helpers both tall and small. 




Doctor and nurse set up as Suresh Kadashan lends a hand with checking for ear mites. 




Screenings begin . . . 









Crowds growing . . .






The men await their turn last.



Medications are issued.



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