April Report

April Report


APRIL – 2011

From: Orfa Camacho

To: Wade Rathke

Chief Organizer, ACORN International

Date: 03/05/2011


By hereby I’d like to inform you about the work being done with ACORN INTERNATIONAL, INC – PERÚ, from January to April, 2011.


10 de Marzo, Los Cipreses, Los Unidos,Unidos Altos, Laderas de Motupe, Los heraldos de Motupe, Héroes el Cenepa, Nuevo Amanecer II,José Olaya , Buena Vista, Las Vegas, Miravalle-Junin-Perù.


ACORN Peru has been working in the areas of community organizing, education, health, water and in defense of the environment in the community of the District of San Juan de Lurigancho.

  • Organization and new members: 60 new members have been affiliated between January and April.
  • Education: The community, the school and ACORN Peru have agreed to transform the community center into a recreational space for girls and boys of the community. Children and youth will benefit from this by having a space created specially to play sports. The objective is to decrease the use of drugs and alcohol and gang formation in these age groups.
  • Tania Maldonado and her sister Norka have given a donation to buy a net so that   the balls being used don’t go out of the game area.


  • Education and INFRAESTRUCTURE: Together with the Ministry of Housing, efforts are being done to expand the school Centro Educativo 10 de marzo.

  • Salubrity– The construction of retaining walls in risk areas and the access to sanitation services for families is now finished. The Project was funded by the Central Government with the program ‘Building Peru.’

We have contacted EDELNOR, the electric power company, so that the population that still has no access to power can soon enjoy this basic service.

We have launched the Campaign for the Provincialization of San Juan de Lurigancho.


Peru is about to choose its new president, for which our actions are not that viable at the moment; the old authorities show little interest in keep on working


I will attach photos later. The lack of a camera is still a little weakness.


Orfa Camacho G.