OnEstEnsemble, Cameroon: A Bridge to Connect Our Neighborhoods is On the Horizon!

OnEstEnsemble, Cameroon: A Bridge to Connect Our Neighborhoods is On the Horizon!

In a heartwarming turn of events, the 5th district town hall of Douala has heeded the calls of its residents, bringing hope and relief to the communities of Makepe 1 Missoke and Bepanda Yonyong. The tale begins with a critical bridge that stood as a lifeline between Makepe I Missoke and Bepanda, a connection that was shattered by the fury of intense rains in February 2020. The aftermath left the residents stranded, their mobility and belongings compromised. United under the banner of the “OnEstEnsemble” association, the locals embarked on a mission to restore this vital link.

The journey commenced with a formal request submitted to the mayor on July 15, 2020. The plea for the bridge’s reconstruction was met with enthusiasm and hope, but time went by without any substantial progress. Despite several follow-ups, the momentum seemed to wane, and the dream of a restored connection began to fade.

Fast forward to February 23, 2022, when the Makepe I Missoke local committee resurrected the cause with a petition endorsed by 380 determined residents. The clarion call did not go unanswered this time. After weeks of eager anticipation, the Town Hall dispatched its technical team to assess the scope of work required for the bridge’s restoration. However, the subsequent months witnessed a disheartening stall in progress, leaving the future uncertain once again.

Then, in the year 2023, the resolute OnEstEnsemble resurfaced their plea, rekindling the flame of hope. The request was elevated, finding its way to the head of the internal administrative management cell of public procurement. Finally, a breakthrough emerged on July 19th when the mayor made a momentous decision – a call for tenders was issued, inviting qualified experts to take charge of constructing the bridge that would reunite Bepanda Yonyong and Makepe I Missoke. This pivotal step is a testament to the power of community unity and the persistence of a vision.

The envisioned bridge holds the promise of more than just physical connectivity; it signifies a bond that transcends geographical barriers. The anticipation of a renewed link between these neighborhoods, nestled within the heart of Douala 5, is a beacon of optimism and progress. This is not merely a structural endeavor; it’s a testament to the strength that is forged when a community stands together.