Justicitiz-ACORN, Liberia : Kwamuneh Organization’s Successful Drainage Project

Justicitiz-ACORN, Liberia : Kwamuneh Organization’s Successful Drainage Project

Our Liberia affiliate, Justicitiz, forced multinational corporation Socfin Group to repair drainage they had destroyed months ago in Massaquoi town. How did they do it? Using the ACORN model! They held a “Fix our Drainage System and Anti Green-washing” protest. During the protest, armed police dispersed and chased after Justicitizs’ members. A few days later, Socfin workers repaired the drainage system, making the village safe from flooding again. Direct action gets the goods!

On June 3, 2023, the small town of Massaquoi in Margibi County, Liberia, witnessed a significant victory for community activism as the Kwamuneh Organization successfully achieved the immediate implementation of a drainage project. Just four days earlier, the organization had been forcibly dispersed by armed police during a peaceful protest demanding the repair of the damaged drainage system and raising awareness about greenwashing.

Tuesday, May 30, 2023: Over 100 members of the Kwamuneh Organization gathered in Massaquoi Town to protest the damaged drainage system that had plagued their community for years. The protest was not only a local initiative but also aligned with the Transnational Alliance of affected Communities’ global campaign against greenwashing by the Socfin Group. Branded as “Fix our Drainage and Anti Green-washing,” the peaceful assembly aimed to draw attention to the dire consequences of flooding and

property damage caused by the dysfunctional drainage system.

Police Dispersal and Immediate Response: As the Kwamuneh Organization members stood in solidarity at the site of the damaged drainage system, armed police officers from Liberia’s Police Support Unit (PSU) arrived and forcibly dispersed the crowd. The PSU claimed to have received intelligence from FUSA Commander Ramsy Peters, who oversees the security of the SRC Plantation. Although the police called for the arrest of Kwamuneh Organization leaders, some managed to escape and seek refuge in the nearby bushes. The police, however, conveyed an unexpected message to the remaining protesters—they were informed that the construction of the drainage system would commence between June 1 and June 3, 2023, in response to the events that had unfolded.

Completion of the Massaquoi Town Drainage Project: The journey towards achieving a functional drainage system took a significant step forward when the construction commenced on June 1, 2023. Through the collaboration of the SRC Management and various stakeholders, the project saw its successful completion by June 10, 2023. The completion of the Massaquoi Town Drainage Project was not only a triumph for the Kwamuneh Organization but also a testament to the power of collective action and community-driven initiatives.