Victorious Mobilization of Souscam Seasonal Workers

Victorious Mobilization of Souscam Seasonal Workers

Faced with the lack of protective equipment, agricultural workers go on strike again

On April 8, 2022, 300 SOSUCAM planters dropped their tools and stopped work at the Mbandjock plantation to claim PPE. Two days later, 700 workers from the Nkoteng plantation went on strike. Management immediately gives in to their demands under pressure.

In the end, around 1,200 planters received gloves, coats, boots and leggings!

On March 21, about 1,200 planters started the so-called small plant campaign; campaign which will last approximately 3 months. These workers usually receive their work equipment on the first day of work. This equipment is essential to protect against cuts, snakes, scorpions and spiders, or bad weather.

“Since the start of the plant work, we have not received any personal protective equipment. When we ask for them, we receive scorn from the supervisors. It’s been 3 weeks already and the rains have started. We demand decent working conditions” Thomas, planter.

A great victory for these precarious seasonal workers. These workers are organizing themselves within the SOSUCAM seasonal workers’ union to defend their interests and obtain more dignified working conditions.