ACORN Mexico December 2012 Report

ACORN Mexico December 2012 Report


Community activities were performed according to the scheduling and programming proposals for a semester, or six months of activities in Neza and DF southern Mexico, Tlalpan.

First: You have access to a credit COMUCAP organic coffee, gave ACORN MEXICO, to support community activities gains realized on the sale of Honduran coffee, by 50%.

The sale of the Café is done like this:

20 Lb. SME

05 Lb. Amalgamated D.F. WORKERS

150 Lbs. Cafeteria Workers University.

60 Lbs. C.D.V.

45 Lbs. Other (members A.M. and Allies).

Total Lbs.280 coffee sold in Mexico. Libra gain realized is $ 1.00 per

280 pounds sold until December 10, 2012.

There are 220 pounds that are still in existence of organic coffee.

Second, the project that was presented to the Secretary of Social Development Rights, Migration, Remittances LOW COST AND YOUTH, must be reformed Statutes MEXICO ACORN, since they are not allowed to mention two items that you can not receive support Public sector borrowing.

This reform is urgent to solve this problem and review the other ACORN LATINOAMERICA have this limitation.

Third: Continue collecting signatures on NO TO HIGH cost of remittances, shipping and billing. Activities in Schools, 9 and 4 Neza and San Pedro Martir.

Fourth: Held MISSING Theatre presentation, fundraising, with 500 students, the Second Half Women Activity intends to March 2013 with the National Autonomous University.

Fifth Mexican taquitos Sale Calle las Margaritas in San Pedro Martir with the group ACORN MEXICO movements and citizens. No profit is made only 3 actions in a community clean tirarero garbage was cleaned by neighbors and members of ACORN, 20 people participating.

2.000 postcards are printed on Mexican unions SUPPORT OF ELECTRICIANS, SME. Delivered in 6 communities Neza Laguna, Villa Guerrero, Valley Hills, Metro de Aragon and Tlalpan Tlalpan South and North. Sixth. Christmas protest actions, by remittance costs, shipping and billing transeros abusive. Against Banco Azteca and the Metro Wester Union Juarez, on the Ground Floor of the DF CONDUSEF requests are delivered to the Delegate and promises to February 2013 meeting. 5.000 sheets were handed in shares and participates in a radio news MVS. 8:00 pm.

It organizasn three new colonies in Nezahualcoyotl and 2 colonies in DF With 65 new memberships MEXICO ACORN.

It makes the company 0 TOLERANCE REMITTANCES SHIPPING COST HIGH WORKING FAMILIES OF THE EARTH. And he participates ZOCALO Protest Murals and Coyoacan.