Manifesto for Remittances in Neza & Press from Mexico

Manifesto for Remittances in Neza & Press from Mexico

ACORN Mexico issues a Manifesto for Remittances in Nezahualcóyotl.  This work is the result of a workshop with community residents and interviews with community residents of Neza that were conducted between May 29th and June 20th.  This workshop had the participation of Professor Juarez from the Universidad Obrera, Professor Diaz Rodriguez, a former elected member for the areas of culture and education in Neza, as well as Nadia Nehls, from the Federal Senate and Angelica Gay from Human Rights.  

Manifesto was a research project by Nuno Solano de Almeida (Lisbon, Portugal) from the Clinton School of Public Health.  Almeida completed his graduate studies in Portugal, Italy and Belgium, including a post-graduate degree in International Relations. His previous experience in the U.S. includes fundraising with Johns Hopkins University and advocacy on racial justice in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Almeida’s passions include development and international cooperation.

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