Save the Khimki Forest Action in Toronto

Save the Khimki Forest Action in Toronto

A delegation of five ACORN Canada members arrived mid-morning on Monday, April 25, 2011 to the very well appointed and fancy offices of Toronto subsidiary of Vinci Corporation of France.  

A representative of Vinci came out to greet us, and ACORN leaders explained that we were there to demand that Vinci NOT accept the contract to build a highway through the Khimki Forest and cease being a part of the violence to organizers, community members, and the environment outside of Moscow.  

To our members surprise and shock he refused to accept or fax our letter our letter of support, claiming that he cold not fax anything that the CEO wasn’t expecting.   We believed this was a blatant lie, and it angered ACORN members even more and they renewed and repeated the demand that the letter be sent. Again he refused.

Our members held strong and asked for his name and a business card. He refused again. The whole thing was super shady and indicated an utter lack of transparency on their end.   After a final attempt we left in frustration, shouting our demands as we returned to Toronto.