Volunteer with ACORN International

Volunteer with ACORN International

As a grassroots membership organization working in low-and-moderate income communities around the world, particularly in the mega-slums of many of our cities, each of our organizers is native to their country. Given our commitment to sustainability based on dues payments and local fundraising and our grassroots leadership and activity, staff is kept at a minimum. Nonetheless in every one of our cities our organizing capacity is immeasurably enhanced by the generous gifts of time of volunteers offering to help in an assortment of ways and in many cases from interns exchanging their time with ACORN International for the educational experience and school community service or other credits.

In short, if you want to help, we will find a way for you to do so!

We would love to share some of the stories and experiences of our volunteers and what we fondly call our Intern Army to give you a sense of who they have been and what they have done – and of course what we would love to have you do too! Interested? Take a look and then contact Wade Rathke and let’s make change with your help!

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