2023 East Coast Organizing Workshops

2023 East Coast Organizing Workshops

Do you live in Philly, Boston, Baltimore, DC, or Western Mass? Join us for a workshop with ACORN founder Wade Rathke about how to build an organization that fights and wins for low-income and working class people!

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The ACORN organizing model has won power for low-income people for over 50 years. This workshop will teach how ACORN builds member-run organizations that fight and win. It will be run by ACORN founder Wade Rathke, an 50+ year veteran of welfare, community, and labor organizing.

The event/training will cover:

  • theory and principles of organizing (strategy, tactics, action, leadership, listening);
  • key skills of organizing (leadership development, organizing conversations, recruitment, leadership, barriers to involvement);
  • organizing drives of neighborhoods/communities of interest from start to finish;
  • from principles to practice— implementing the skills within your own organization.

Pay what you can, suggested donation $20. We hope to see you there!