ACORN Canada is an independent national organization of low and moderate income families with 140,000+ members in 20+ neighborhood chapters across nine cities.

Key Leader

Marva Burnette



  • British Columbia
  • Hamilton
  • Montreal
  • Ottowa
  • Nova Scotia
  • Peel


  • Fair banking
  • Internet for all
  • Remittances regulation
  • Healthy housing
  • Childcare
  • Fair wages
  • Social assistance

Latest News from ACORN Canada

  • Supporting Tenants of Wiseview Montreal
    ACORN Quebec was there! In front of the media to defend the tenants of Jean Brillon street tenants against their outbreak problems. Cockroaches, mice, bed bugs. It’s time for this to stop! Today’s action against the company Wiseview Montreal which does nothing against its infected housing has made some noise. Support the movement.
  • ACORN convenes first global Zoom call during COVID-19 pandemic
    ACORN International board members, supported by their staff, convened in a first global Zoom call today. ACORN leaders from 15 countries and 20 affiliates joined the call and participated using translators and translation software.

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