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Voter Purge Project in Vice

Vice News talked with founder of the Ohio Voter Project and author of the Voter Purge Project’s data cleaning and analysis methodology Steve Tingley-Hock about our work to track wrongful data purges across the country.

“When I ran the initial queries, that was my first indication that there was a serious problem here,” Steve says of the initial Ohio records that showed about 40,000 voters were set to be wrongfully purged. Steve, along with the VPP, now collects and analyzes data for 16 states.

Watch the full video below, and read more about what we are doing with this data in our report.

ACORN Kenya: Organizing in Korogocho During Coronavirus

Report from Sammy Ndirangu, ACORN Kenya organizer.

It’s now nearly two months since the first case of Corona Virus was reported in Kenya. Currently there are 396 persons who have contacted the virus with a death toll of 17 people in the whole country with 144 people fully recovered from the infection. Nairobi has been on the lead of the highest number of infections followed by Mombasa.

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Justice pour les Transferts d’Argents

Report Justice pour les Transferts d’Argents

Remittance Report by ACORN Internaitonal Reseach Team at GSU

Remittance Report by ACORN International reseach team at Georgia State University School of Social Work. 

Op-Ed on Remittance Study

Paula Stern, professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, op-ed based on remittance study.

Reexaming Remittances from Simon Fraser University

Reexamining Remittances by Simon Fraser University

Survey of Remittance Users in Ontario: July – October 2012

Report of who uses remittances in Ontario, Canada.

The Socio Economic Impact of U.S. Based Remittances in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico

Click here to see the Socio Economic Impact of U.S. Based Remittances in Nezahualcoyotl, Mexico:  A Public Service Partnership between ACORN International and the University of Arkansas Clinton School of Public Service.

The Socio Economic Impact of US based Remittances in Nezahualcoyotl

This article is based on data collected from live interviews conducted in Nezahualcoyotl, State of Mexico, between May and July 2012.

These are the findings of a research study made possible by a partnership between the organization ACORN International and the sponsor Clinton School of Public Service.

The author and researcher is a graduate candidate for the Master’s degree of Public Service at the Clinton School, and joined ACORN International for his International Public Service research Project.

This article contains passages from the author’s original report “The Socio-economic impact of US based remittances in Nezahualcoyotl”, and was compiled for publication at Social Policy Magazine.

Click here to read The Socio Economic Impact of US Based Remittances in Nezahualcoyotl.


Article on Remittances in Nuevo Semanario 24

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