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Alliance Citoyenne: Ignored by the Social Landlord, Grenoble Residents on Avenue de la Bruyère Take Action!

Armed with placards and dressed in black, the residents of Avenue de la Bruyère in Grenoble stormed the Grenoble Habitat headquarters on May 17th to denounce the weeks of neglect they have been facing. Despite numerous pleas for compensation due to elevator breakdowns lasting several months, the lack of heating during winter, and maintenance issues in common areas, Grenoble Habitat continues to disregard its tenants.

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Win for ACORN Cardiff!

In April, Guy and his 8yo son received an eviction notice that threatened to make them homeless. But with ACORN’s help it was delayed long enough for them to find a decent new home.

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CATU Ireland: CATU Stands In Solidarity With Migrants And Racialised People

“It is not a housing crisis, it is an economic project to which we do not belong – we, the low-income workers, social welfare recipients, single people, single parents, the elderly, those with a disability, LGBTQIA+, ethnic minorities such as the Irish Travellers*, migrants and refugees.”

We condemn all racism and stand in solidarity with migrants and racialised people

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ACORN Tegucigalpa: A Political Advocacy Workshop for Change

In the framework of the Children’s Rights Council of the Municipio del Distrito Central, children and young people are learning about the steps of political advocacy and the community’s right to make demands to state institutions. A Political Advocacy Workshop is being developed with the goal of equipping participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively advocate for political causes.

ACORN Canada: Organizing Works! Manor Village ACORN Tenant Union Wins Fight Against Renoviction!

A MASSIVE victory was won by ACORN members living in Manor Village, an affordable rental townhouse community in Nepean. After over two and a half years of tenant meetings, rallies, demonstrations, reports, press coverage, deputations, petitions, and lot’s of direct action, the Manor Village ACORN Tenants Union was able to force Smart Living Properties to withdraw their N13 evictions, allowing tenants to rightfully stay put within their affordable homes!

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OnEstEnsemble, Cameroon: Farmers from the SOSUCAM Plantations Pour Out Their Destroyed Crops in Protest at the Company’s Headquarters in Yaoundé

On July 6, 2023, farmers from the villages surrounding the sugarcane plantations owned by the French group SOMDIAA (Castel) traveled to Yaoundé to deliver “poisoned” gifts to the management of SOSUCAM. These gifts consisted of maize, cassava, and peanuts destroyed by the pesticides sprayed on their fields by the company’s airplanes.

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Rural Power Project: Reforming Rural Electric Cooperatives

Affiliated Media Foundation Movement: Low Power FM Radio, the Voice of the People

ACORN Canada: Peace and Environment News – Tenant Rights Council Calls for Renoviction By-law

Ottawa ACORN fighting for tenants in the city since 2006

My name is Max Brazier, a member of Ottawa ACORN. I joined ACORN to fight for affordable and livable housing, and help get more students and young people involved in these campaigns. Since joining I’ve been an active part of the Housing Justice Priorities launch, and it’s been inspiring to see so many people come together.

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ACORN the Union: Sports centre cost of living win for Bristol community

Like so many of us at the moment, residents of Lockleaze in Bristol are struggling with the cost of living, physical and mental health, and lack of youth services locally – areas in which sport and leisure can have a positive impact.

Back in May, ACORN’s Lockleaze group met with Lockleaze Sports Centre to discuss the services provided, and how the charity should have more affordable offers for local people. 

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