Day: November 28, 2012

Holiday Gifts from ACORN International

Several of our affiliates have produced unique t-shirts to support their organizing. Below you can see the soccer shirts used by the ACORN teams in the Dharavi slum of Mumbai, the unique t-shirts developed by our members in Prague debuted in recent pro-democracy marches, and the women’s t-shirt that is setting the fashion among our members in Buenos Aires. This is all tricky, but we think we can take the orders via email at or fill out the order form below and have our local offices fulfill them directly from these three cities.

Soccer shirts used by the ACORN teams in the Dharavi slum of Mumbai  $20


Prague T-Shirt from the marches in the streets  $25

ACORN fashion in Buenos Aires   $20

Please email the size of your t-shirt along with your order or fill out this order form below.

Happy holidays from ACORN International!


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Report on the work of ACORN Peru for October-November 2012.

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