Day: September 28, 2012

Organizers’ Forum in Bolivia ~ Teatro Trono & Cochabama

Ivan Moreles, Director of Teatro Trono (largest civic organization in Bolivia) telling us about the cultural truck they drove to Rio.

Poster for their 20th anniversary — now 23


hot water solar shower on top of the Teatro building

art has no boundaries…this is Ivan’s bathtub

a mural in El Alto nearby the Teatro

Marcela Olivera, Latin American coordinator of Red Vita for Food & Water Watch, flanked on one side by Alex MacDonald (ACORN Ottawa) and Dine’ Butler (ULU Local 100) and on the other by Davin Cardenas (Gameliel, North Bay, Santa Rosa)

old and new in Cochabama

Central Government Plaza in Cochabama

Condor rules the Andes in Cochabama

Christ looks over Cochabama