Day: May 17, 2012

Updates from Mexico

Delegation from ACORN International and Local 100 United Labor Unions in Mexico

San Miguel de Allende

Biblioteca, a nonprofit library touted as the largest such institution in Mexico and perhaps North America, where Judy Duncan of ACORN Canada and Dilcia Zavala of  ACORN Honduras and Wade Rathke updated folks here on ACORN International’s progress.

Citizen Wealth Talk

Mexico City

Laura Juarez Sanchez from Universidad Obera de Mexico with our delegation

Delegation w/ Laura in front of symbol of Workers University

Laura briefs us on the Mexican economy and the struggles of workers.

Laura talking with the group

Delegation with ACORN Mexico Neza Members

The Neza (Nezahualcoyoth) is where ACORN Mexico has organized for years on issues such as the struggle for potable water.

with Neza members

Rio Negra, rivers of sewage discharge floating out of Neza without any treatment.

Rio Negra

Conferenza ACORN International in Città del Messico, 17-18/5/2012

Grande conferenza di tutte le sedi mondiali di ACORN International – tra cui ACORN Italy – oggi 17 maggio 2012 a Città del Messico! magnifico vedere tutte le persone che lavorano con stessi ideali & passioni in ogni angolo del mondo, dal Canada al Kenya, Dal Messico alla Corea del Sud, dall’Argentina all’India. organizziamo assieme (anche a voi) i diritti civili in ogni angolo della casa-mondo