Day: June 2, 2001

About Community Organizations International

Community Organizations International (formally ACORN International) is a community-based non-profit organization working in a growing number of countries across the world.  ACORN International already has an impressive range of achievements across the world.


About ACORN International

ACORN International is a federation of member-based community organizations that is active in Canada, Peru, Argentina, Mexico, India,Kenya, the Dominican Republic, Honduras, South Korea, Czech Republic and Italy with partners in the Philippines and emerging affiliates inTrinidad & Tobago. The membership currently numbers approximately 55,000 families.

Since its creation it has focused on a wide variety of local campaigns and initiatives, including fighting for potable water, paved roads, schools and parks in San Juan Laragancho in Lima, Peru, working to organize ragpickers and hawkers in India’s mega-slums,[2] and working to raise the standards for tenants in cities across Canada. Much of ACORN International’s work focuses on mega-slums like Dharavi(Mumbai), San Juan Laragancho (Lima), La Matanza (Buenos Aires), Korogocho (Nairobi), the ITO community (Delhi), Col. Ramon Amalia Amador (Tegucigalpa), and Choloma (San Pedro Sula) among others.