Rural Electric Cooperatives (RECs) are one of the most popular, most successful, and most enduring programs of the New Deal (1933 to 1939). As such, ACORN and the Labor Neighbor Research and Training Center (LNRTC) have conducted multi-year analyses of the representation and diversity of elected REC governing bodies.

The Voter Purge Project aims to protect eligible voters against disenfranchisement by monitoring, reporting on, and organizing against wrongful voter purging.

The Nonprofit Hospitals Accountability Project is a partnership between ACORN International, United Labor Unions Local 100, and Labor Neighbor Research and Training Center. The project aims to examine the failure of regulation to ensure accessible and affordable hospital services. lack of regulation hospital. Research reports include:

  • “Charity for Whom?”
  • Hospital Price Transparency and its Implementation in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.” – a study of hospitals’ data showing that CMS price transparency regulation falls far short of its stated goal of shedding light on healthcare costs.

The ACORN Tenants Union is a membership run and led organization of low-and-moderate income renters and community residents dedicated to protecting and advancing the interests of tenants by building power through collective organization and direct action.

India FDI (Foreign direct investment) Watch is building awareness and facilitating grassroots action to prevent the take-over of India’s retail sector by corporations.

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