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ACORN and Alliance Citoyenne Win the Debate

Grenoble approves wearing the burkini in public swimming pools

Women can now swim as they wish in the swimming pools of Grenoble. After 4 years of fighting and several actions of civil disobedience, the burkini is authorized in swimming pools. The decision was adopted by the municipal council with a narrow majority of 29 votes for, 27 against, and two abstentions.

Video from Local Group Action in Paris

July 6th, 2016

Short video from a local group action in Paris today.

ACORN’s French Affilliate Alliance Citoyenne Votes to go National!

A big congratulations goes out to Alliance Citoyenne from the ACORN Family.

On Saturday April 2nd, ACORN International Affiliate Alliance Citoyenne hosted a big meeting in which almost 200 people came out to talk about all the great work they are doing in their communities. At this meeting, the energized group unanimously voted to go National. This is a big step for Alliance Citoyeene.




Check out this video of the meeting.

Alliance Citoyenne

Alliance Citoyenne is our latest affilate.  They are hard at work in France.

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