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  • For ACORN India Black Friday is #MakeAmazonPay day
    On Black Friday, join workers and activists around the world as we mobilize to #MakeAmazonPay. Amazon workers paid for Jeff Bezos to go space. On 26 November, they are demanding justice — and asking you to join them: Amazon could give each of its workers a Covid-19 bonus of $690,000 — and still be […]
  • Voices of Dharavi
    Minal Diwan, an ACORN member in the Dharavi area of Mumbai. She is 27-years old and has been unemployed since the pandemic closed her workplace.  Her 23-year-old brother is also without work.  The entire family is living on the 8000 rupees ($107.85 USD) her father makes.  They have been living in Dharavi all of her life.  Their rent and utilities […]
  • Voices of Dharavi
  • Community Members Celebrating with the COVID-19 Relief Rations Passed out by ACORN Mumbai
  • ACORN Delhi: Reports from the field
  • ACORN India Delhi: Organizers ramp up support for communities amid COVID wave
    As India remains gripped in the latest coronavirus upsurge, members of ACORN India have stepped in around the country to provide food supplies, resources, and quarantine support. In Delhi, contract workers were recently granted two months of food rations after a push from nonprofit groups like ACORN India to provide resources for informal workers and […]
  • ACORN India on the BBC: How Dharavi Coped with Coronavirus
    BBC featured an update on the pandemic in Dharavi, where public health programs and aid from organizations such as ACORN have helped decrease infections and deaths. As one of the most intensely packed places on earth, it is incredibly positive news to see that cases and deaths are down. Local leaders attribute this to local […]
  • This Hyderabad singer has started a music revolution in Mumbai’s Dharavi slums. Here’s how
    Written by Seema Rajpal June 23rd, 2020 from Edex Live Hyderabad-based Gomathi Iyer is doing some unforgettable covers on Instagram and before the lockdown, was helping girls in one of the largest slums in the world, Dharavi in Mumbai learn to sing.

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