ACORN Kenya: Organizing in Korogocho During Coronavirus

ACORN Kenya: Organizing in Korogocho During Coronavirus

Korogocho being one of the poorest settlements and our main point of organizing has been greatly affected by this pandemic of Coronavirus. It has been a very difficult times for the people particularly on meeting some of these conditions set by the ministry, such as the social distancing within the community due to the high population and the housing condition and their status in that you find families living in an average of 5 to 10 people under one room of 10×10, others sharing common facility like latrine in an average of 15 to 50 people, poor sanitation and garbage disposal.

All in all a lot is needed to support the community members who are really suffering and at great risk of getting the infection. Government has done very little to support the poor within these settlements and the little that has been out sometimes ends in the hands of those who still have living the needy helpless.

ACORN distributing sanitizers and food stuff to the community members. The event took place at GUREC center which is one of our partner schools.

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