Press for Change

ACORN International is proud to support the global campaign, Press for Change, that fights for Fair Labor, Anti-Sweatshop practices around the world.

Mission of Press for Change Campaign: Given the worldwide financial crisis, it is a safe bet that fighting sweatshop abuses here and abroad will not be a key policy undertaking for Barack Obama and his team. But this does not rule out a wide-ranging set of initiatives that would significantly empower workers. Tweaking our foreign assistance priorities, revising “democracy promotion,” and undertaking diplomacy from a community organizer’s perspective—these changes in U.S. policy would at least begin an assault on global sweatshop practices. And they are especially important as an antidote to the solipsism of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), wherein corporate “self-regulation” teams are rebranded as “activists” by lazy and compliant media. The new administration needs to connect with real labor activists, in Asia and Central America especially, and allow them to speak for themselves.

But first we need to collect information on sweatshop practices abroad and make it available to activists, who often can’t collect it themselves.

Nike Execs:  "We're a Fitness Company!"


Working Conditions & Struggles at NIKE Inc. in Indonesia


Nike Fights Trade Suit and Anti-Sweatshop Protest at the Supreme Court Click here

DC Protest

2006 protest in Jakarta (Nike had to shut down offices for a few days)



“Funded by a grant from the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ SportsUnited Office at the U.S. Department of State, the exchange is part of Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Women’s World Cup Initiative, launched on June 6, 2011, which seeks to empower women and girls through sports.” What’s the goal? Empower girls through soccer Jun 25 | By Lindsey Emery

Reports on Sweatshop Practices around the World

Harvard International Review How Civil Society Can Help: Sweatshop Workers as Globalization Consequence

War Resisters Magazine Responsibility Is the New Justice?  Student Activists Say "No!"


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