Remittance Justice

13 Members braved the rain and storm and marched to meet the CEO of the Financial Institutions Commission (FICOM). They briefly met with Carolyn Rogers the CEO to set terms of future meetings.

Remittance Meeting on February 22nd at 6pm. On Tuesday February 22nd at 6pm, Ottawa ACORN members will be meeting at 81 Montreal Rd to strategize and discuss the upcoming March 2nd action on remittance fee reduction. The remittance justice campaign was initiated over a year ago with ACORN members fighting for regulations on remittance costs. The rally on March 2nd at 12pm which members are organizing for, on Tuesday evening, is set to take place at 427 Laurier Ave, located at Laurier and Kent. Childcare and ride services are available for all those attending. For ride services or more information on the meeting Tuesday night, please contact Ottawa ACORN at (613) 746-5999


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