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People reject FDI in Retail in the Public Hearing organized by East Delhi Municipal Corporation: Trade Unions, Street Vendors Associations, RWAs & Civil Society expressed their opinion: 98% voted against FDI in Retail in the opinion poll; Respecting Peoples verdict EDMC will not grant trade licences to FDI Retailers: Mayor

In an unprecedented initiative, East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) organized a public hearing to take note of the peoples' opinion on the issue of FDI in Retail. People from all sections of society including street vendors, small shop keepers, trade unions, resident welfare associations, civil society representative participated in the public hearing.

Delivering the opening remark, Dr. Annapurna Mishra, the Hon'ble Mayor of East Delhi said that the purpose of the initiative is to take note of the peoples' voice to help the corporation in shaping trade policies.

An opinion poll was also conducted to know the views of participants. 98% participants opined against FDI in Retail.

Hakim Singh Rawat, R B singh Rajpoot, Sodan Singh, Bijender Yadav, Pravesh Sharma, Bansi Lal (street vendors), Praveen Khandelwal, Satish Garg, Raj Kumar Bhatia, Om Prakash Dubey, Deepak Sharma (Traders), Ashwini Mahajan (SJM), Aneesh Mishra (trade union) Vikramjeet Banerjee (Advocate) and many others expressed their view on FDI in Retail.

Concluding the public hearing senior journalist Sh. Ram Bahadur Rai said that in the past the Prime Minister was against FDI in Retail. He alleged that such policy decisions are influenced by powerful international lobby groups.

The Leader of opposition, Ms. Varyam Kaur, who was also invited for the public hearing came at the closing stages and abruptly interrupted the meeting shouting that the Municipal Corporation can not organize such event.

The Hon'ble Mayor stated that public opinion is evident on the issue of FDI in Retail and respecting the peoples' verdict the EDMC would bring a motion to oppose FDI in Retail and would not grant any trade licences to FDI retailers.  She said that a detailed report of the proceedings would be send to the Hon'ble Lt. Governor and Chief Minister of Delhi.

Dharmendra Kumar of India FDI Watch conducted the proceeding.

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In a first of its kind, East Delhi Municipal Corporation is organizing a PUBLIC HEARING on FDI in Retail on 28th Sept. at 1.30 pm at its headquarters of Patparganj Industrial area. The Hon'ble Mayor along with a panel of experts would be hearing peoples' views on the issue. A report of the public hearing would be later presented to the Hon'ble Leftinent Governor of Delhi.

Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee said that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has in the past been opposed to Retail FDI.  Click here to read the correspondence.

Here is a copy of our editorial in Daily Amar Ujala.

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